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Niagara 4 Technical Certification Program:

The intensive 5-day Niagara 4 TCP course provides the basics of using one of the world's most integrated systems and covers the full range of the Niagara framework. There are no traditional PowerPoint presentations here, all demonstrations and exercises are conducted in a real software environment.

Through the exercises, students will learn how to design projects and create applications using Niagara 4, and master the tips and tricks that will help them work effectively in their everyday lives.

The training is mainly designed for system integrators and engineers, and although prior Niagara experience or knowledge of another function block programming language is an advantage, it is not essential.

The course concludes with an exam on the last day after the labs, which is a complex project task. This includes initial data point configuration and integration to a WebSupervisor.

Upon successful completion of the exam, participants will receive an official Niagara certificate via the Tridium University website. This certification demonstrates the expertise required to use Niagara 4 and allows you to work on Tridium equipment worldwide.

  • Course Introduction
  • Overview of Workspace
    • Creating a Station
    • Basics Components
    • Tagging
    • Drivers – Modbus
    • Alarm Monitoring
    • History Monitoring
    • KitControl Thermostat

The training sessions are being held in person in our classroom in Debrecen, but it is also possible to learn the necessary knowledge in the virtual classroom.

In the latter case, we provide the necessary equipment for the participants; students only need a browser with stable internet connection. The students connect remotely to a dedicated training PC running Tridium Workbench, which is connected to a demo Jace, while the training sessions are organized via Zoom.

Each course is limited to 5 students to provide an optimal learning environment where each student can progress at his/her own pace and receive as much help as possible from the instructor.

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